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Siser StripFlock Pro Heat Transfer Vinyl 15" x 5 Yard Roll

…for 2-3 seconds * Apply design at 311°F/155°C * Use medium pressure for 15 seconds * Peel carrier hot or cold USCutter Titan Series Recommended Cutter Settings: * Blade: 45°/60° * Gram Force: 100-110 * Speed: 180mm/s * *Blade Advancing Varies Please Note: Actual width of 12" roll is 14.75".-->

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Graphtec 0.9mm, Blue Tip, Blade Holder for CB09 Blades

…Tip, Blade Holder for CB09 Blades 0.9mm CB09 Standard Vinyl Cutting Blade holder, Blue Tip, Black Top The newly designed PHP33-CB09N–HS Blade Holder has a built in spring. Compatible with new CB09UB blades. Also compatible with old style 0.9mm blade with spring (CB09UA) can be used with this blade


Yellotools TitanBlades 10pk 9mm, 30° or 59° Replacement Blades

…All-Purpose Cutter! According to the leading blades manufacturers in Germany, the best blades are titanium and nitrite coated which helps the blade to get an even sharper cut. This is the result of many tests that sign-makers did on the blades. This coating ensures a perfect cut without putting…

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USCutter MH Vinyl Cutter Starter Kit w/Media + Tools (28"/34"/50")

…Standard Vinyl, Heat Transfer Vinyl, Paper, Craft Paper, Card Stock, Paint Mask * Blade Types: Standard blade Roland compatible * Included Software: VinylMaster Cut * Included Accessories: USB Cable, Power Cable, Blade Holder * Connectivity options: Serial, and USB. * 1 Year Warranty. VinylMaster…

Color Theory Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl 20" x 10yd Rolls

…stretch fabrics, consider Siser EasyWeed Extra, available here by the foot. Application: * Perform test cut, adjust blade force and cutting speed as necessary. Use a 45 or 60 degree blade * Cut MIRROR image through adhesive layer. * Weed the excess material. * Preheat garment 2 to 3 seconds. * With…


Graphtec 1.5mm Reflective 45 degree Diamond-Grade Cutting blades (2/pack)

Graphtec 1.5mm Reflective 45 degree Diamond-Grade Cutting blades (2/pack) 1.5mm 45°, high-intensity reflective, (2/pack) / for Red Top PHP32-CB15N-HS Bladeholder. For cutting High Intensity Reflective Media.

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Mimaki 60° Swivel Blade for Reflecting Sheet (2 pcs)

Mimaki 60 Degree Swivel Blade for reflecting sheet Mimaki 60 Degree Swivel Blade for reflecting sheet. Mimaki part number: SPB-0006 The blade is for cutting reflecting sheet. As it is coated by titanium, it has high durability. Corresponding machines: CG-FX Series, CG-FXII Series, CG-LX Series,…

Mimaki 45 Degree Vinyl Cutting Blade - Package of 3 P/N SPB-0030

Mimaki 45 Degree Vinyl Cutting Blade - Package of 3 P/N SPB-0030 Mimaki part number: SPB-0030. 45 degree blade, package of 3.


Graphtec CE-6000 PLUS Vinyl Cutter Plotter

…control including eight preset cutting conditions, as well as advanced features like tangential control mode, down force offset, pen up speed, blade wear monitoring and more. With a 25 pin RS-232C or the High Speed USB 2.0 control interface, the CE6000 Plus Series is compatible with legacy computer…

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Genuine Roland 60 Degree Blades for Reflective, Flock,Twill, Paint Protection - pkg/3

Genuine Roland 60 Degree Blades for Reflective, Flock,Twill, Paint Protection Vinyl - pkg/3 For use with Roland CAMM-1 vinyl cutters for cuttingreflective vinyl, flock, twill, and paint protection film. 60 degrees, 0.50 offset, pkg. of 3

Graphtec Compatible Large Blade holder (1.5mm size)

Graphtec Compatible Large Blade Holder (1.5mm size) For use with Graphtec compatible 1.5 mm blades with spring.

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Mimaki CFL-605RT Compact Flatbed Cutter Plotter

…cardboard. Eccentric Cutter: or media such as coated packaging materials, thin polycarbonate sheets, paper and film. Creasing Roller: for drawing a ruled line that results in precise folding. The creasing roller can be mounted alongside cutting blade for cutting and creasing without changing tools.

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Reviews for USCutter
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