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Paropy Light Tshirt Transfer Paper for Inkjet Printers,100 Pack

…Papers have been developed as a commercial grade transfer paper to offer superior imaging in virtually all desktop inkjet printers. For imaging white or light colored fabrics use Paropy InkJet Light Premium or Classic transfer paper. For black or dark colored fabrics use Paropy Inkjet Dark Premium…


FOREVER LASER DARK No-Cut 10 Pack Laser Toner Heat Transfer Paper

…Higher white cover and stronger full-tone colors * High processing tolerance, especially when separating A&B papers * Suitable for OKI White Toner and CMYK Printers How it Works: The B sheet has a coating which adheres to toner on the A sheet. Because CMYWT printers produce white toner, the B Sheet…


PrismCut P20 Vinyl Cutter w/ Volcano Heat Press and VinylMaster LTR Software

…decorating: * Shirts and apparel. * Optional mug attachment for decorating drinkware. * Contour cutting around printed graphics from your inkjet, toner, dye-sublimation, or wide-format printer for stickers, labels, heat transfer graphics, etc. The PrismCut Precision Cutter / Plotter Cut with high…

Oki Pro8432WT White Toner (CMYW) A3 Printer Toner Cartridges

Oki Pro8432WT White Toner (CMYW) A3 Printer Toner Cartridges Oki White Toner lets you print in breathtaking color-plus-white on transfer sheets that can be used with a wide variety of substrates. The white toner acts as a "base" for color designs to really pop on dark-colored garments! CMY…

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UniNet iColor 600 Individual CMYK + W Toner Cartridges

…+ W Toner Cartridges Black and Fluorescent White Toner Cartridges are used in the Standard CMYK/CMYW toner configurations as well as with the Fluorescent Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow toner cartridges in the Fluorescent CMY toner and drum starter cartridge kit. Absolute White® Toner The white opacity…

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Forever Hot Stamping / Screenprint Foil for Finishing 11.8" x 39'

…Screenprint, and Laser Dark): 1. Preparation of the Transfer (for use with Laser-Dark black-color prints): * Print your design using only BLACK TONER (4-color-black*). * Press with B-Paper * Separate the A-Foil from the B-Paper while HOT, in a Slow, Low & Fluid Motion. * Cut around your transfer…

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Paropy CL Trim Free Dark - Laser Paper

…* Works only with laser printer with white toner. Pro Tip: Every laser paper is different! Learning how to get consistent results with heat transfer papers can involve a bit of a learning curve. Typically bad results can occur when the amount of toner saturation in your artwork creates a variance…

FOREVER Multi-Trans Metallic Gold & Silver for Hard Surfaces, Toner Transfer Paper 100 Sheet Pack

FOREVER Multi-Trans Metallic Gold & Silver for Hard Surfaces, Toner Transfer Paper 100 Sheet Pack Print Black and Get Gold or Silver! 1-Paper-System for Printing Metallic colors onto White, Black & Colored Mugs as well as many other surfaces e.g.: Ceramics, Acrylic Glass, Metal, Wood, Glass… No Cut…

UniNet iColor Clear Polyester Sheets with Permanent Adhesive

…affordably. For use in the iColor 300, 500 and 600 series of transfer printers, as well as other compatible printers, such as our HP and Ghost white toner product bundles. CLEAR PET * CP8511iColor® Clear Polyester Sheets with Permanent Adhesive 8 1/2" x 11" (216 x 279mm) (Sold in 25's) *…

Paropy Dark Classic InkJet Paper

…use either a pair of scissor or an exacto to cut your graphics. Any areas that have no ink coverage and are not trimmed will turn white. This allows the printing of white onto dark colored fabrics and garments! Benefits: * Economical * Good Opactiy * Good Wash Resistance * Easy to Cut and Weed Pro…


UniNet iColor 600 Fluorescent CMY Toner Cartridges

…* ICT600FC iColor® 600 Fluorescent Cyan toner cartridge * ICT600FM iColor® 600 Fluorescent Magenta toner cartridge * ICT600FY iColor® 600 Fluorescent Yellow toner cartridge * ICT600K iColor® 600 Black toner cartridge, 10,000 pages * ICT600FW iColor® 600 Fluorescent White toner cartridge, STD yield

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Paropy CL 145 Laser Light Premium Transfer Paper 100-Pack 8.5" x 11" or 11" x 17"

…making laser transfer papers more popular for full-color and photo transfers onto garments with no weeding. Laser printers normally offer a lower toner cost per print than traditional inkjet inks. In addition, laser printers have faster print times than most inkjet printers, reducing production…

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