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Siser Weeder Pick Tool

Siser Weeder Pick Tool The Siser Weeder tool makes weeding heat transfer vinyl faster and easier. The stainless steel tip will not bend or break when weeding designs and can be sharpened if necessary. Recommended for use with all Siser cuttable heat transfer vinyl and printable heat transfer vinyl…

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USCutter Dual Tip Ball Weeder

USCutter Dual Tip Ball Weeder Double ended weeding tool that can be used as a weeding tool for removing tricky areas of vinyl or as a burnishing tool. This tool has 2 different sized ball tips on the ends. Made of stainless steel, 6 3/4'' in length

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USCutter MagnaTweezer Weeder 4"

USCutter MagnaTweezer Weeder 4" This unique product is a unique, must-have tool. The product consists of a fine point pair of tweezers with a magnifying glass attached at one end. The magnifier is adjustable for maximum precision and makes weeding a breeze. Overall length 4", made of durable…

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EZ Weeding Table, 20" x 36" Heated Surface For Easier Weeding

…* Built-in storage compartment * Sits flat or at one of four incline settings * Rounded edges for operator comfort * Tool holder keeps your EZ Weeder™ handy * Fits most production tables and counter tops * Actual Weight: 27 lbs * Actual Dimensions: 27.5" x 39" x 4" (closed); 27.5" x 39" x 17" (open)…

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Spinning Weeder Knife & Pen Holder

Spinning Weeder Knife & Pen Holder * Balsa Wood Topper to hold your knives * 72 Compartments * Rotates on base * Five Storage Levels

Yellotools SignTool Box - The Ultimate SignMaker's Companion Tool Bag

…Now there is room for anything in a plethora of specially sewn pockets: Squeegee, pumpsprayer, hot-air-dryer, cleaner, knives, tweezers, needle, weeder, cellphone, PDA, etc. An open bag design was determined to be the most practical, and now there is an optional cover. There is a metal plate to…

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