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SISER EasyPSV Pressure Sensitive Vinyl 12" By The Yard, Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

…Adhesive Vinyl Welcome to the wonderful world of PSV! The name brand you know and trust is staying true to Siser® style by keeping things EASY. Siser EasyPSV™ is your new go-to adhesive vinyl for creating decals that can decorate almost any hard-surface. Apply your designs to glass, wood, plastic…


Silhouette Cameo 3 + OraMask 813 Paint Mask Stencil Kit

…squeegees that are suitable for every day use, or for supplying to customers that are self-installing their vinyl. Note: You may receive squeegees that are yellow in color and slightly larger in size depending on inventory levels. MAKE YOUR OWN PAINTED WOOD SIGNS! HERE’S HOW!…

Hartco 425 Series High Grip Sandblast Mask Stencil for Stone, Wood, Brick

…is suitable for hand cutting as well as with a vinyl cutter. Available in 15", 25" and 30" widths and 10 yard length. High Grip Adhesive: For industrial applications, as well as all stone, brick, concrete, raw wood, and monument substrates having porous surfaces. For painted wood, raw wood, and wood


USCutter 2-in-1 Wood Burnisher

USCutter 2 in 1 Wood Burnisher - With Needle Point This tool is a double-ended, wooden burnisher. It features an angled tip on one end and a needle point on the other. This unique tool aids in applying vinyl in corners and around curves. The needle end is perfect for popping trapped air bubbles.…

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GreenStar Edge #226 Removable Wall Graphic Vinyl for Solvent & Latex Printers

for Solvent & Latex Printers GreenStar "Edge" Vinyl is a premium-quality, 6-mil matte calendered vinyl with a special, removable, Micro-Sphere adhesive that’s ideal for interior graphics applications. This wallflair material adheres to flat, painted wall surfaces and most types of wallpaper and wood

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Hartco 930 Series High Grip Cast Sandblast Mask Stencil for Stone, Wood, Brick

…Mask Stencil for Stone, Wood, Brick Click Image to Expand Cross Reference Guide. Hartco 930 High Grip Sandblast Mask combines combines the versatility of the 400 series and the strength of the 500 series for Hartco's toughest, most flexible, and versatile stencil yet. This superior vinyl formulation…


eBay - GreenStar Decal Sign Vinyl 3 mils. Get 5 Rolls For $29.99, 12" x 10 Ft Each Roll

…An excellent vinyl to cut, weed and transfer, GreenStar IPV vinyl has an outdoor lifespan of up to 5 years (3 years for metallic vinyl) and is made in USA. GreenStar permanent adhesive glossy vinyl works very well on plastic, tile, metal, glass, and smooth wood. It's good for outdoor and indoor.

Hartco 930 Sandblast Mask Stencil Regular Grip for Smooth Substrates

…as with a vinyl cutter. Available in 25" and 30" widths and 10 yard length. Regular Grip Adhesive: For sandblasting on smooth concrete, glazed brick, polished stone, and other smooth surface substrates that require high blasting pressure. As well as all painted wood, raw wood, and wood alternative…

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9" x 9" Hobby Heat Press for Iron-On Graphics

…portable, easy to store, and compatible with most major brands of heat transfer vinyl. * So many hot possibilities. Make baby gear, T-shirts, team wear, shopping totes, canvas shoes, blankets, and more. Try it on wood! Technical Specs: * Voltage: 110 * 9" x 9" Heating Platen * Warranty: 1 year Box…

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GreenStar Stencil Vinyl, Paint Mask for Wooden Signs, 24" x 10 yd to 50 yd

…Stencil Vinyl, Paint Mask for Wooden Signs GreenStar Stencil Vinyl is formulated for use in most stencil applications, especially for paint and spray techniques on smooth, flat, rigid substrates and surfaces; as well as most wood surfaces. Applications requiring transparency of the mask for

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CLEARJET Original Semi-Gloss Satin Finish for Brush Roller Application (Qt or Gal)

…Satin Finish for Brush Roller Lamination Application (Qt or Gal) ClearJet is clear coating for dye-based inks and water-sensitive ink/media combinations. Use ClearJet on most substrates, including canvas, vinyl (enamel receptive and non-enamel receptive), banners, fiberglass, wood, metal, plastic,…

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FOREVER Multi-Trans Full Color Toner Transfer Paper for Hard Surfaces, 100 sheet pack

FOREVER Multi-Trans Full Color Toner Transfer Paper for Hard Surfaces, 100 sheet pack Self-Weeding 1-Paper-System for Hard Surfaces Transfer paper for printing onto hard surfaces, such as mugs, plates, beer steins, magnetic vinyls, wood, place mats, chromolux, tiles, mirrors, acrylic glass, metal,…

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Reviews for USCutter
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