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Siser ColorPrint Evolution Mask - TTD High Tack Mask

…ColorPrint Evolution Mask - TTD High Tack Mask The ColorPrint Evolution Mask acts as a carrier sheet when transferring images or letters with ColorPrint Evolution printable material. You need a specialty masking material when working with ColorPrint printable media, because masks designed for the…

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SISER ColorPrint PU - Heat Transfer Material

…gloss finish. This material has incredible stretch and rebound because it is relatively thin. Also, it requires no dry time! Siser's TTD Easy Mask or TTD High Tack Mask recommended for use with this heat transfer material. This product is CPSIA certified as child safe being phthalate and lead free.…


SISER EasyPatterns Heat Transfer Vinyl with Pre-Printed Designs 12" By The Foot (Series 2)

…the platen and weeding the design on the heated surface for smooth weeding! * Cut material – don’t mirror! * Weed excess material * Mask with TTD High Tack Mask * Preheat garment for 2-3 seconds * Apply design at 305°F/150°C * Use medium pressure for 10-15 seconds * Peel carrier hot or cold *…

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Siser ColorPrint Soft Opaque Heat Transfer Material

…* leather Application Print image right reading. Cut with 45° blade, weed and allow 30 min to hour before pressing. Mask with Siser ColorPrint Evolution Mask - TTD High Tack Mask. Remove liner. Pre-press 2-3 seconds. Press with medium pressure for 15 seconds at 311°F (155°C). Peel WARM. Washing…


Siser Hi-5 Print Matte, Print and Cut Heat Transfer Material

…and lead free. Adheres to: * 100% Polyester * 100% Cotton * All Poly/cotton blends Application Print, cut, and weed material. Mask with TTD Easy or TTD High Tack Mask. Apply design at 250°F/120°C (most fabrics) 302°F/150°C (“heavy weight” fabrics) with medium pressure for 5 seconds. Peel Hot.…

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