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Mondo Trimmer, Vinyl, Banner, Cardboard and Other Material Trimmer

Mondo Trimmer, Vinyl, Banner, Cardboard and Other Material Trimmer The Mondo Trimmer is an easy way to trim your coroplast, posterboard, cardboard, banner vinyl, and corrugated plastic with consistent repeatable results. Great heavyweight construction with no-slip rubber feet. Easy adjustable blade…

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USCutter TrimMaster Trimmer - 70 inch (180cm)

TrimMaster Trimmer - 180 cm USCutter's TrimMaster is a versatile cutter that can, with the castor, move to any operating position. Super straight and slim tolerance when swiveling down the razor carriage and sliding the cutting head on lineal bearings. The recess in the base protects the blade tip…


CWT Linear Cutter, 3' 3" to 10' 8" Available Lengths

CWT Spring Linkage Air Controlled Linear Cutter Now make long linear cuts with ease! Error-free results save you on material waste. Eliminate inefficient multi-tool workflows! Uses standard blades. Hooked blades recommended. Adjustable blade depth with one screw setting. Single-handed operation pull…

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Royal Sovereign Electric Trimmer

…Rate. For more information see Shipping Details Royal Sovereign Electric Trimmer The Royal Sovereign Electric Trimmer is a revolutionary finishing machine that will help to save hours from trimming by hand. These electric trimmers will consistently provide quality, clean, and straight cuts to signs,…

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RTape Clear Choice AT75 - General Purpose Clear Embossed High-Tack Application Tape - 100yd

…graphics. The deeply-embossed surface also allows the user to tear AT75 by hand in a perfectly straight line for easy dispensing. Say goodbye to trimmers and scissors! The performance properties of AT75 also make vinyl application a breeze. The rigid facestock prevents any stretching and the…


Replacement Guide Rail for Mondo Series Trimmers

Replacement Guide Rail for Mondo Series Trimmers Replacement guide rail that holds the trimmer assembly against the straight edge.

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Eclipse AirGlide Pneumatic Material Cutter (PMC), Wizard

Eclipse AirGlide Pneumatic Material Cutter (PMC) EASY, ACCURATE, EFFICIENT, AND CONSISTENT: Sign shops and frame shops can now cut virtually any material including foamboard, corrugated signboard, and even glass, more efficiently and consistently than ever before! Cut almost any material to size (up…

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Eco-Corner Rounder Set with 3/8" & 1/4" dies

Eco-Corner Rounder set with 3/8" & 1/4" dies This is a tool used to punch through the corner of a substrate and produce a clean, professional rounded corner. Useful for signage being displayed in a public setting, prevents injuries from sharp sign corners. This will punch through up to .080…

CWT Telescoping Reach Cutter / Knife LRC170120

CWT Telescoping Reach Cutter / Knife LRC170120 CWT Telescoping Reach Cutter / Knife LRC170120 - Trimming materials more than 36 inches long can be a challenge. Our Extension Knife is the answer. This telescoping knife can reach up to 60 inches. Works in both pushing and pulling direction.

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