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Sooper Edge Ruler optional T Square - adjustable

Sooper Edge Ruler optional T Square - adjustable Upgrade your existing Safety Ruler with the new add-on adjustable T-Square option with bright anodized finish. * Heavy Duty Aluminum * Makes perfect 90° angle * Ideal for Drafing, Layout, Cutting and Sign Makers * New design fits all Sooper Edge and…

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28" Big Blue Aluminum Safety Ruler with Adjustable Sooper Edge T Square

…Safety Ruler with Adjustable Super Edge T Square This aluminum ruler is lightweight making it easy to use and is available in a variety of lengths: 28", 40", 52", and 96". When you need a large ruler for bigger jobs an aluminum ruler is the way to go. Included Sooper Edge Ruler optional T Square -…

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Graphic Alignment System

…* Find the center of the collar using the side or top ruler. * Place target circle on center of lower collar. * Place design in desired location. Remove LogoIt and press. * Place logo in the same spot on every piece. Tee Square It The Tee Square It Transfer Alignment tool helps you align and center…

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