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FOREVER Subli Flex 202 Sublimation Paper for Dark and Cotton Garments

…image printing - NO application tape required (Comes with it’s own pre-mask built-in) * Recommended for use with Sawgrass SubliJet HD inks or other inkjet sublimation inks * Works on dark and light cotton, will also stick to dark and light polyester (with a slight dye migration when used with dark…

Sawgrass VJ 628 Cleaning Cartridge

Sawgrass VJ 628 Cleaning Cartridge Cleaning cartridge for Sawgrass VJ628 Printer. (Note: Current and future users of SubliJet-HD solutions can convert to the SubliJet-HD FL solution at any time. You will need to flush your current system, and update to new software for this conversion. Please…

Sawgrass Virtuoso Chromablast Printer for Cotton Garments with Included Heat Press

…- Assortment (5 Pack) The Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 Printer is available with ChromaBlast HD inks for Cotton Garment Decorations or for Sublimation with SubliJet HD ink (Click Here). With ChromaBlast HD Inks, create photo-quality digital heat transfers to light colored cotton and cotton-blend fabrics.…

Sawgrass SG400/800 Dye-Sub Printer & 5-in-1 Heat Press Dye Sublimation Kit

…or higher * Recommended RAM 8GB, Min 2GB Ink Options: * Sublijet HD Ink: Best for Sublimation on polyester garments (no cotton or dark substrates) and sublimation substrates. Also work with Siser EasySubli HTV on cotton and dark garments. * EasySubli Ink: Best for use with Siser EasySubli HTV on…

ChromaBlast Heat Transfer Paper

…R and Chromablast HD inks and is not compatible with Sublijet inks. Contour or scissor cut around printed image to prevent background transfer. What is so unique about ChromaBlast™? The key to the ChromaBlast™ Digital Color Imaging System is the chemical bonding between the ink and the coating on…

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