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Graphtec Anti-Static AKZ Kit for FC and CE Models

Graphtec Anti-Static AKZ Kit for FC and CE Models The AKZ Kit includes two tint blades plus two magnets and anti-static string which reduces the static electricity that is so common with tint films that can restrict media movement.

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Anti-Static Kit for Vinyl Cutters

…which has tiny conductive micro-fibers infused, is designed to pull away problematic static electricity from materials fed through the cutter. It removes the problems of static electricity and causes the static to ionize and flow to ground. Options * 36" and under vinyl cutters (receives 42" cord)…

Vinyl Cutter Grounding Cable

Vinyl Cutter Grounding Cable This is a grounding cable that can be used to eliminate static electricity build up on virtually any vinyl cutter. Simply connect one end to a screw on the vinyl cutter and the other end to a grounded point to discharge any static electricity build up.

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LP3 Vinyl Cutter Contour Cutting Starter Kit for InkJet Printers

LP3 Vinyl Cutter Contour Cutting Starter Kit Take the quantum leap into digital graphics production with the LaserPoint 3. This is the most affordable ARMS print & cut contour cutting solution on the market. ARMS (Automatic Registration Mark Sensing) contour cutting technology utilizes an optical…

PreviewPlus Lay Flat GXF-100 Transfer Tape Medium Tack

…easy registration of color overlays. Utilizing a rigid film stock, PreView Plus lays flat for trouble-free storage and shipping. Plus, there is no static or tunneling. When it comes to storage of taped vinyl, PreView Plus™ exhibits little to no adhesion growth and the unique surface finish accepts…

RTape Clear Choice AT65 - General Purpose High-Tack Application Tape - 100yd

…water resistant application tape. Clarity: The transparency of the AT65 aids precise registration. Easy Handling: The rigidity of the polypropylene film minimizes misalignment of application for easier installation. Static Control: The superior Adhesive reduces static charges for easier lamination.

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Laminators Tool Kit Essentials

Laminators Tool Kit Essentials Laminator essentials for eliminating static electricity and build up, plus GraphicsGloves for media handling while loading and unloading your print media into a printer or laminator. GraphicsGloves eliminate oils and hand prints from being picked up on the image or…

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MH 721 Vinyl Cutter Value Kit w/ Sure Cuts A Lot Pro - Design & cut Software

MH 721 Vinyl Cutter Beginners Value Kit w/ Sure Cuts A Lot Pro - Design & cut Software If you are like many of our customers who want to learn how to make signs and stickers but are on a low budget, this bundle may be ideal for you. The only one machine you will need is a computer with Windows on…

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GreenStar Clear or Whtie Static Cling Film 7mil Solvent Print

GreenStar Static Cling - 7mil Solvent Print, clear or white Great gloss finish solvent paper. Cost effective solution for high-res glossy graphics. Please Note: 25" rolls are 2 per package. (54" roll is slit into two 25" rolls and you receive two rolls.)

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Purchase VinylMaster Cutting Software Upgrades Starting at $125

Update vs Upgrade? Please Note: A Free Optional VinylMaster Update will be released beginning 1/6/2020. Your software automatically checks for updates every 10 days. Once the update is available, it is automatically downloaded in the background. The next time your run the program, a message will…


AP2155 Adhesion Promoter, Primer & Cleaner for Plastic Substrates

AP2155 Adhesion Promoter & Cleaner for Plastic Substrates AP2155 is an adhesion promoter, anti-static and cleaner for use with UV and LED curable inks when printing on plastic substrates, including: Coroplast, Polystyrene, PVC, and HDPE. AP2155 also eliminates finger prints from the printed surface…

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Graphtec FCX 2000 Series Flatbed Cutting Plotters w/ ARMS 6.0

…Tools: Dual head design delivers 500G and 1000G of force at speeds up to 400mm/s. Process delicate and thick materials – including: rubylith, static cling film, vinyl, rubber sandblast, diamond grade reflective, chipboard, E flute*, and more. * Operate the FCX2000 for contour cutting and creasing…

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