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Avery Dennison Snitty Vinyl Cutting Knife

Avery Dennison Snitty Vinyl Cutting Knife Snitty vinyl cutter is a mini slitting tool. Handy for cutting self-adhesive material. The Snitty Cutter uses a replaceable 37020 blade which can be flipped and reversed for 4 fresh blade edges.

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Avery Dennison Vinyl Application Tool Kit

…2 magnets and snitty. Avery Dennison offers a complete line of accessories to help you achieve a professional end result no matter what your application. * Tool belt (11" Wide x 8 1/2" Tall x 5" Open Width) * Application gloves * Cutter * Blue felt squeegee * 2 Magnets * Snitty vinyl cutter

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Reviews for USCutter
Reviews for USCutter
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