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SISER EasyWeed Metal HTV 20" x Various Lengths

SISER EasyWeed Metal HTV 20" x Various Lengths Add a lustrous metal finish to any upscale or industrial-feeling logo or graphic! Metal is Siser®’s latest addition to the HTV family. This new product is somewhat of a hybrid between our Metallic and former EasyWeed® Foil lines, offering a brushed…

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Forever Hot Stamping / Screenprint Foil for Finishing 11.8" x 39'

…Applying the Hot Stamping Foil (for all methods including Siser EasyWeed Adhesive, Screenprint, and Laser Dark) * Place the desired sheet of Hot Stamping Foil on your design, cover it with a sheet of Matte Finish Economy. * Press together. * Wait until the Hot Stamping Foil has completely cooled…


SISER EasyWeed Adhesive, 12" x Various Length

SISER EasyWeed Adhesive, 12" x Various Length Add screen printing foil to any shirt with Siser EasyWeed Adhesive. EasyWeed™ Adhesive acts as glue to join foil and textiles with a shimmering metallic look (or even crinkle for a distressed look). EasyWeed Adhesive has a carrier side and a material…

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FOREVER Flex-Soft 11" x 17" No-Cut Laser/LED Heat Transfer Paper (10 Pack)

…11" x 17" (No-Cut) Laser/LED Heat Transfer Paper (10 Pack) This 2-Paper-System from FOREVER gives amazing and consistent results. A - FOIL This is the transfer foil on which you print your image. It holds the toner extremely well and does not leave any residues in the copier or any background on the…

FOREVER Subli Light (No Cut) Sublimation Paper for Light Substrates Including Cotton

…pressing to light cottons and polyester fabrics and even wood, you can also decorate using Forever Hot Stamping Screenprint Foil. With a choice of 51 different hot-stamping foils, even the finest designs or even screened motifs can be easily finished. Features: * Press to White, light Cotton and…

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