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PTFE Heat Transfer Application Pillow, Various Sizes Available

PTFE Pressing Pillow for Heat Transfer Application Essentialware's non-stick pressing pillows are top quality, 3 mil, Triple-Coated advanced fluoropolymer (PTFE) fabric that outperforms other non-stick pillows. This is the only pillow made with high temperature memory foam to outlast other pillows.

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Color Theory Multiverse Heat Transfer Vinyl 10 Feet 8-Color Sampler

…then peel the sticky liner away, cover with a non-stick sheet and press for the remaining time * Use a matte non-stick cover sheet to avoid a glossy sheen from appearing on that parts of the garment that were pressed * Apply for the shortest possible time based on manufacturer's recommendations…

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Square Sequin Pillow Case Two-Tone Red/White Dye Sublimation Blank

Square Sequin Pillow Case Two-Tone Red/White Dye Sublimation Blank These pillow covers are comprised of 2-tone sparkly sequins perfectly overlapping each other on the front facing -- the back side is a soft polyester fabric. When you slide your fingers across the sequins, the images will be changed,…

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Heat Printing Pillow - 16" x 20"

Heat Printing Pillow - 16" x 20" A heat print pillow shields letters, numbers & designs from being heat applied to the upper heating element of your heat press machine. A heat print pillow is reusable and will help create a flat, even surface for equal temperature and pressure during the heat…

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Roland GS-24 Vinyl Cutter with Stand and 15x15 Heat Press

…Choose from multiple Heat Press Options: See Optional Add-Ons tab for more options Clamshell Heat Press - 15" x 15" ($299.99 Value) The 15 x 15 clamshell heat press gives you a large area for t-shirt and fabric heat transferring. What's nice about clamshell heat presses is they can save room over…

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Chemica Sports 3D Fashion Heat Transfer Vinyl 15" x 5 yd

…sheet. Press with medium pressure at 300-320° F (150-160°C) for 15 - 20 seconds. Peel cool. Note: 3D textures appears more pronounced after backing is removed following heat press. Washing Instructions: * Always respect the instructions mentioned on the garments. * After heat pressing, wait 24…


SISER 24 Sheet EasyWeed Heat Transfer Vinyl Starter Kit, 15'' x 12", Bonus Non-Stick Sheet

…* Multi-color logos * Great for uniforms and work wear Application Instructions: * All designs must be cut in reverse * Preheat garment in heat press at 302F degrees for 4 seconds * Position EasyWeed application on garment * Heat apply at 302F degrees for 10-15 seconds, medium pressure * Peel hot…

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SISER EasyPatterns Heat Transfer Vinyl with Pre-Printed Designs 12" By The Foot (Series 2)

…set your heat press to 305°F or your home iron to the Cotton setting. You’ll need to apply medium pressure, additionally consider a heat transfer pillow which will increase the pressure. When you use heat transfer pillows you’ll need to dial back the pressure to compensate for the pillow and ensure…

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Hotronix Hover Press - 16" x 20"

Hotronix Hover Press - 16" x 20" The Hotronix 16" x 20" Hover Digital includes digital time, temperature and pressure displays, auto opening, and allows the operator to set the press for two functions: hover or pressure. The first setting is for off contact: the press uses a surface cure. The…

Silhouette Cameo 4 With Heat Press Kit

…Craft Heat Press, 9" x 12" Clamshell ($310.00 Value) 9"x12", it is the perfect size for pressing your shirts, pillow cases, towels, and much more. It's light and small enough to be portable for craft shows or to keep your work area clear. The Craft Press is also the perfect press to travel to…

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Transforsa Clamshell Cap Press Machine - w/ Free Hats

…of smoothness, and inconsistencies in application Solution: Use a mini heat press pillow, tucked into the inner sweat band of the hat, to support the shape of the hat facing while it’s under pressure from the hat press. This will prevent any bending or deformation. Problem #2: Scorch marks Solution:…

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Hotronix Fusion IQ 16" x 20" Heat Press

…and the only heat press in the industry with a patented dual function to perform in a swinger or draw motion. The Fusion also features a wide open space below the bottom heat platen, allowing shirts to easily slide onto the heat press creating an easier and more precise pressing. Unlimited preset…

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