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Replacement Heat Press Silicone Pad

Replacement Heat Press Pad An insulated lower platen replacement pad available in different sizes for our various heat press models, as well as a heat-resistant pressing platform for pressing larger garment facings with our new 9"x9" roving hobby heat press. Cut into smaller custom pieces to create…

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9" x 12" Clamshell Heat Press

…& easily portable * Small footprint for small spaces * Padded lower platen * Digital touch screen timer and temp controller * Powerful Clamshell design for even & adjustable pressure * Digital Temp with F° and C° display * Non-stick coated top platen * Perfect size for youth and DIY garment projects


Microtec Digital High Pressure Heat Press - 15" x 15"

…ceramic tiles, puff transfers, hot split transfers, glass cutting boards, rhinestones, license plates, garments, mouse pads, plaques, and more! Non-Stick coated upper heat platen, wide opening for easy layout. Full adjustable pressure control, digital countdown timer. Excellent for high pressure…

Geo Knight 12" x 14" JetPress Swinger JP14

…14" Heat Platen * Digital Countdown Timer w/ alarm * Adjustable height for items over 1" thick * Adjustable Temperature control * Accurate Tempertature gauge * Industrial style clamping & locking pressure w/ minimal operator effort * Smooth swing away action * Solid steel welded frame * Silicone pad

Hotronix Fusion IQ 16" x 20" Heat Press

…temperature and pressure readout * 16" x 20" platen opens with Swing or Draw motion! * Multiple time settings make applications a breeze * 3/4" thick platens for better heat retention * Innovative EZ-On platen design eliminates the need for pillows or pads * Energy saving 4 hour sleep mode * Made in…

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Hotronix Hover Press - 16" x 20"

…Made in the USA * Cast-in tubular heating element every 2″(5cm), eliminating cold spots * 3/4″ (2cm) thick, non-stick upper platen * 3/8″ (1cm) Silicone rubber bottom pad * Heavy duty design * Scratch-resistant, baked-on powder coat finish * Non-stick coated heater – stress relieved to prevent…

Geo. Knight DC16 - Plate Attachment (4.5" or 5.5")

…(4.5" or 5.5") Optional attachment for DC16 and DC16 AP heat presses. Press not included. The plate die platens feature quickly inter-changeable components for allowing the circular heating element to press inside ceramic plates. Also included is a template tray and pad for centering the plate.

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Geo Knight MAXi-Press Automatic Air-Operated Large Format Heat Press Series

…frame structures * 20,000 lbs force, 10-ton air bag lift mechanism * Self leveling pressure system * Solid lower platen base * Solid loading bed with ultra thick nomex padding * Dual button easy-activate safety circuit * Heavy duty locking casters for easy movability and solid foundation support…

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Geo Knight 14" x 16" DC16 Digital Combo Press with Optional Attachments

…plaques, coated metals, mouse pads, wrist pads, miscellaneous material and notably anything that is too bulky for the conventional flat press is effortlessly printed on the Digital Combo Press. Its raised pedestal bottom table using the 14" x 16" standard flat heat platens available provides drape…


Hotronix Auto-Open Cap Press

…6" Standard Lower Platen * Automatic-Opening Release/Magnetic Lock Down * No air compressor needed * Digital time, temperature, and pressure controls * Twin TimerTM for programming two independent time settings * Generates maximum [ressure with less effort * 3/8" silicone pad * Under Center Pressure…

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Hotronix Sports Ball Heat Press

…6X6 Flexible Application Pad Included with press. Application: Recommended for use with CAD/CAM and printable heat transfer materials for performance and synthetic fabrics like lycra and nylon. * Time: 8 seconds. * Temperature: 235°F/113°C * Pressure: Firm (top platen should make contact with the…

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HP User Maintenance Kit for HP Designjet Z6100 / Z6200 Printers

…kits. HP part #: Q6715A Includes: * Platen Cleaning Kit * Cleaning Cloth * Plastic-Bristle Brush * Paper Advance Sensor Window Cleaning Cloth * Encoder Strip Cleaning Cloth * Carriage Interconnect Wiper Kit * Interconnect Wiping Tool * 20 Pre-moistened Pads for tool * Printhead Carriage Lubrication…

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