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Geo. Knight Optional Platen Attachments

Please Note: Equipment from this manufacturer may take up to 5-7 business days prior to shipping. Geo. Knight Optional Platen Attachments DKP-33TBL DK 3½ X 3½ TABLE - ALL THREAD STYLE Compatible with DK16, DK16A, DK20, DK20A, DK20S, DK20SP, DK25S, DK25SP - rotatable portrait/landscape (pull-pin…

Secabo Smart Press Interchangeable Base Plates (Sold Individually)

…Plates (Sold Individually) Model Options: Accessory Platens: (Sold Individually) * 15cm x 15cm Accessory Platen (5.9" x 5.9") * 8cm x 12cm Accessory Platen (3.14" x 4.72") * 12cm x 38cm Accessory Platen (4.72" x 14.96") * 20cm x 30cm Accessory Platen (7.87" x 11.8") Mounting Option - Additional Part…

Hotronix Interchangeable Platens

…Interchangeable Platens Please provide your heat press serial number under order comments for presses already in the field Hotronix 11x15 quick change platen PL11X15 Hotronix's "Most Valuable Platen". Easily decorate youth and women’s size garments. Hotronix 6"x20" Quick Change Sleeve platen PLLS…

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Replacement Heat Press Silicone Pad

Replacement Heat Press Pad An insulated lower platen replacement pad available in different sizes for our various heat press models, as well as a heat-resistant pressing platform for pressing larger garment facings with our new 9"x9" roving hobby heat press. Cut into smaller custom pieces to create…

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Refurbished Large 16" x 20" Clamshell Heat Press

…potential cosmetic defects. This heat press has the same great features as our other economy clamshell presses, but has an oversized (16" x 20") platen for pressing larger items. 110v. * Voltage: 110V * Power: 1400W * Temperature range: 0-399°F * Time control: 0-999 sec * Printing area: 15 3/4" x…

Secabo Quick-Change Adapter Plate for TC5, TC7 Smart Standard Platens

Secabo Quick-Change Adapter Plate for TC5, TC7 Smart Standard Platens The Quick Change System and Slide Extension include one adapter for the standard 15"x"15" or 16" x 20" platens. To install additional 15" x 15" or 16" x 20" platen to Slide Extension, one additional Quick Change Adapter is…

Refurbished Atlas 16" x 20" Clamshell Auto-Open Heat Press

…on the top platen provide even pressure throughout – ensuring that your transfers always come out even, and with no pressure spots. Safety An emergency stop switch has been outfitted to prevent against accidents and mistakes. An anti-burn heat guard is installed on the top platen, keeping the…

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Hotronix Cap Heat Press Platens

Hotronix Cap Heat Press Platens Heat printing on hats is easy, whether you’re decorating an oversized baseball cap or a youth visor. Each platen has been designed with a specific hat it mind. Also use them to personalize umbrellas, collars, cuffs, socks, and more. Platens fit the Hotronix® Auto Cap…


5-in-1 Heat Press 11" x 15" Swing Arm, Mug, Hat & Plate Press

…design ensures even application of temperature for optimal ink saturation on the intended substrate. This heat press also comes in a smaller 6" x 8" platen model. This is your one-stop-shop for creating custom-made t-shirts, mugs (10-12oz), dinner plates (two sizes), and baseball caps. Includes: *…

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Hotronix Fusion IQ 16" x 20" Heat Press

…* Live digital time, temperature and pressure readout * 16" x 20" platen opens with Swing or Draw motion! * Multiple time settings make applications a breeze * 3/4" thick platens for better heat retention * Innovative EZ-On platen design eliminates the need for pillows or pads * Energy saving 4 hour…

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PTFE Heat Transfer Application Pillow, Various Sizes Available

…using laser transfer paper. Keep your heat press producing more apparel faster! * Eliminate the indentation that can sometimes appear from the top platen on pressed materials and allow for easy pressing on small areas on large garments. * Prevent marks on transfers and vinyl letters from zippers,…

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The MAXX 16" x 20" Digital Heat Press

…the 11" x 15" and 15" x 15", however the extra large platen allows for extreme versatility and convenience. The increased platen size is perfect for heat pressing extra large T-shirts and jerseys. In addition, the interchangeable lower platens make it easy to print on a large variety of items. The…

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