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Laser Printer Mug Press Kit, Includes 36 Mugs, CL Hard Surface I Paper, Heat Tape

…is all you need to start labeling bright and beautiful images onto mugs. Includes low-cost mug press, case of 36 pearl-coated mugs, Paropy CL Hard Surface I Paper, and green heat resistant tape. The only other thing you need is the perfect image! Included Items: Base Option: 10/11 oz. Standard…

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Paropy CL Hard Surface I Laser Transfer Paper, Paropy CL Metal Plus

Paropy CL Hard Surface I Laser Transfer Paper, Paropy CL Metal Plus The price of laser printers has dropped significantly in the last few years, making laser transfer papers more popular. Laser printers normally offer a lower toner cost per print than traditional inkjet inks. In addition, laser…

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Paropy CL Hard Surface II Laser Transfer Paper, Paropy CL Leather/Wood

…around all areas of the surface where the background is not trimmed, which helps to protect the surface from scratches. The original texture of the surface will be maintained when imaged. Ideal for awards and trophy applications! Benefits: * Ideal for porous hard surfaces * Thin, Flexible, and…

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Dye Sublimation Blank Mug Bundle, Works with Standard 11oz Mug Press Element

…Heat Press 11" x 15" Swing Arm, Mug, Cap & Plate Press * Perfect Press 12" x 15" Digital 5-in-1 Swing Arm Heat Press * Digital Knight Mug Press DK3 * USCutter Perfect Press 5 in 1 Mug Press * Printing with laser toner printer requires Paropy CL Hard Surface I Laser Transfer Paper or equivalent.

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