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GreenStar 3mil PSA Calendered UV Laminating Film - EcoSolvent Printable

GreenStar 3mil PSA Calendered UV Laminating Film PLEASE NOTE: Print compatibility with latex, solvent, eco-solvent and UV-curable printers only. Gloss, Matte, and Luster finish makes images pop. Excellent protection from moisture, UV light and abrasion. * UV protection added to vinyl * Suitable for…

Oracal ORAGUARD 215 PVC 2.75 mil Laminating Film

ORAGUARD 215 PVC Laminating Film This durable 5-year, 2.75 mil laminating film has been specially manufactured to protect digital prints used in outdoor and backlit signage. ORAGUARD 215 film is recommended for cold lamination. Provides a UV extension factor of 5 years for your outdoor prints.…

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Oracal ORAGUARD 200 PVC 2.5 mil Laminating Film - 50YD

ORAGUARD¨ 200 PVC Laminating Film - 50YD Soft, transparent, economy 2.5 mil PVC film with a UV prolongation factor of one year. 2-year durability. Available in gloss, matte or semi-gloss finish.

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ORAGUARD 297GF Laminating Film 2.75 mil

…Graphic Films, Series 3675 and Series 3676. This 2.75-mil laminating film is an outstanding, optically clear film that prolongs the life of printed graphics by up to 4 years and prevents moisture, dust or other contaminants from penetrating the perforation of the film. Description A cold laminate

GreenStar 3.75 mil PSA Floor Lamination Film

…Floor Lamination Film Polyolefin embossed film is excellent for use in floor graphic applications.This unique film is a low cost solution, pressure-sensitive over-laminating film that features aggressive adhesive - perfect for tough-to-stick-to-media such as polyester based white films. It offers…

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ORAFOL Orajet 3258 Semi Rigid 6 mil PVC Film

…perfect film for those moments when you don't want to use an over-laminate or application tape but need the stability and ease of installation that a 6-mil film provides. Area of Use: Designed for short-term general signage, contour-cut decals and point of purchase displays. Recommended Laminating &…


Oracal ORAGUARD 290GF Optically Clear Cast PVC 2 mil Laminating Film

…Optically Clear Cast PVC Laminating Film If you're creating signage for windows or other transparent applications, your laminate choice is clear. ORAGUARD 290F is a 2 mil, 8-year optically clear cast film specially designed for use with perforated window graphics films and other applications where…

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Oracal ORAGUARD 290 Premium Cast PVC 2 mil Laminating Film, Matte/Gloss, 50 yd

ORAGUARD 290 Premium Cast PVC Laminating Film, Matte/Gloss - 2mil, 50 yd ORACAL'S most durable and conformable cast PVC laminating film. ORAGUARD 290 can be used for a wide range of longer-term indoor or outdoor application, including fleet and large graphic applications. ORAGUARD 290 is a 8-year, 2…

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ORAJET 3651 Intermediate Calendered PVC Inkjet Media Gloss, Matte, White, Transparent 50yd

…white gloss, semi-gloss and matte finishes, as well as transparent gloss. Recommended Laminating & Mounting Films: ORAGUARD 215, ORAGUARD 210 Available in 20 inch widths for Roland's BN-20 printer. * Special PVC film (70 micron) * White and transparent in gloss, silk gloss and matt * For medium-term…


GreenStar Perforated Window Film - 50/50 Exterior, 5.5-6 mil

GreenStar Perforated Window Film - 50/50 Exterior, 5.5-6 mil PLEASE NOTE: Print compatibility with latex, solvent, eco-solvent and UV-curable printers only. Clear removable adhesive. 1.5 mm holes, 50/50 perforation pattern. PVC laminate with removable pressure sensitive adhesive with release sheet.…

Oracal ORAGUARD 210 2.5mil PVC Laminating Film - 50 Yd

…ORAGUARD® 210 PVC Laminating Film Looking for a great balance between durability and price? ORAGUARD 210, a 4-year, 2.5 mil laminating film, provides solid protection for digital prints in short to medium-term indoor and outdoor applications. Recommended for cold lamination. Also suitable for heat…

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Oracal ORAGUARD 293 Ultra Flexible Cast PVC 1 mil Laminating Film

ORAGUARD 293 Ultra Flexible Cast PVC Laminating Film For the indoor and outdoor protection of large format digital prints. Because of its extra flexibility ORAGUARD 293 is recommended for vehicle wrapping in combination with ORAJET 3551, ORAJET 3551RA, or ORALITE 5600. Not generally recommended for…

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