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Siser TTD Easy Mask

…a transfer tape that works well with Siser's complete line of heat transfer materials. Siser's clear TTD mask allows you to accurately place the image on the garment, and also releases favorably after heat application. Use TTD Easy Mask for the best application results! Siser's new TTD Mask can…

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SISER ColorPrint Soft Opaque - Heat Transfer Material

…- Heat Transfer Material Super thin digital media for the softest hand! Siser's newest matte white super soft printable PU material for white to dark colored fabrics. At only 45 microns, ColorPrint Soft Opaque gives the closest look and feel to screen printing among digital transfer materials.…


Siser ColorPrint Evolution Mask - TTD High Tack Mask

…Evolution Mask acts as a carrier sheet when transferring images or letters with ColorPrint Evolution printable material. You need a specialty masking material when working with ColorPrint printable media, because masks designed for the sign industry were not designed for use with a heat press.…

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Siser EasySubli Mask - 5 - 50 pack - 8x10

Siser EasySubli Mask - 5 - 50 pack - 8x10 Note: Siser EasySubli Mask is recommended for transferring designs with complex cut paths or multiple cut jobs at once. ESI - "USCutter and Sawgrass recommend this ink set for optimal results when using the Siser ESV material. It is not recommended to use…

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SISER ColorPrint Easy Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl

…warm. Compatible with Eco-solvent and Solvent Printers (Not compatible with typical home InkJet Printers). Siser's TTD Easy Mask is recommended for use with this heat transfer material. Adheres to: * 100% polyester * 100% Cotton * Poly/cotton blends Washing Instructions: Turn garment inside out.…


SISER ColorPrint PU - Heat Transfer Material

…has incredible stretch and rebound because it is relatively thin. Also, it requires no dry time! Siser's TTD Easy Mask or TTD High Tack Mask recommended for use with this heat transfer material. This product is CPSIA certified as child safe being phthalate and lead free. Adheres to: * 100% polyester…


Siser Hi-5 Print Matte, Print and Cut Heat Transfer Material

Siser Hi-5 Print Matte, Printable Heat Transfer Material Siser H-5 printable material will change the way you decorate heat sensitive fabrics! The low application temperature of 250°F paired with only 5 seconds of pressing time means you can say goodbye to heat marks and hello to soft, matte…

SISER ColorPrint Translucent Heat Transfer Print and Cut Material

…closest look and feel to screen printing among digital transfer materials. Additionally, ColorPrint Translucent is simple to use because, unlike most print and cut materials, it doesn’t require a mask! So you simply print, cut, weed, and heat apply. Simplicity and a soft hand in one printable…

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SISER EasyPatterns Heat Transfer Vinyl with Pre-Printed Designs 12" By The Foot (Series 2)

…High Tack Mask * Preheat garment for 2-3 seconds * Apply design at 305°F/150°C * Use medium pressure for 10-15 seconds * Peel carrier hot or cold * Cover and reheat for 2-3 seconds Recommended USCutter Vinyl Cutter Settings: Silhouette Cameo: * Blade: Standard, 3 * Material: Heat Transfer, Smooth *…

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Tee Square It! - Transfer Alignment Tool

Tee Square It - Transfer Alignment Tool The Tee Square It Transfer Alignment tool helps you align and center your heat transfers quickly and accurately. Although placing transfers on t-shirts may seem simple enough, alignment mistakes can be costly. The Tee Square is easy to use and assemble with…

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UniNet iColor Premium 2 Step Transfer Media (100-Packs)

…as using the garment color as a mask, will enhance the stretch limit and softness of your finished product. iColor® Premium Transfer Media is a weed-free system, ensuring little time is wasted picking and weeding your transfer prints. iColor® Premium Transfer Media enables you to produce detailed,…

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UniNet iColor Select 2 Step Textile Transfer Media (100-Packs)

…softer hand for breathability integrated into your design, as well as using the garment color as a mask, will enhance the stretch limit and softness of your finished product. iColor® 2-Step Select Transfer Media works at a higher temperature as compared to the iColor® Premium media (310°F / 154°C),…

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