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Geo Knight MAXi-Press Large Format Heat Press Series

…Large Format Heat Press Series The MAXI•PRESS is a multipurpose large format manual heat transfer press intended for the imprinting of a vast range of different materials. The MAXI•PRESS combines an oversized platen with a low production oriented framework with a single loading table configuration.…

Hotronix Dual Air Fusion IQ 16" x 20" Heat Press

…Recommended table size: 24" x 36" x 28" with 30" height * Made in the USA * Cast-in tubular heating * Powder coated finish Specifications: * Actual weight: 260 lbs. (Shipping weight: 500 lbs.) * Shipping Dimensions: 45.5” x 45.5” x 33.5” * UL/ULC/CE/RoHS compliant Warranty Information: * Heating

28" USCutter TITAN Vinyl Cutter PLUS 15x15 Heat Press

…15" x 15" Digital Clamshell Heat Press This is the Microtec Transforsa 15" x 15" Clamshell heat press! This clamshell heat press gives you a large area for t-shirt and fabric heat transferring. It's convenient clamshell design saves you room over the standard swing arm heat presses and can be easier…

Geo. Knight 16" x 20" Air Op Swing Away Heat Press DK20SP

Heat Press DK20SP The DK20SP is an air-operated automatic table top swing-away heat transfer press. The DK20SP provides a production oriented heat press with the benefits of push button operation, fully digital temperature & time control, and solid casting design with an affordable automatic heat

Digital Knight 16" x 20" Clamshell Heat Press DK20 & DK20A

…back of the heat platen raises above and away the bottom table, providing better access than other clamshell presses. The frame support allows operators to slide shirts over the table with complete drape space around and underneath the loading area. Interchangeable bottom tables for smaller pressing…

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Gfp 865DH 65" Dual Heat Laminator - Install, Training & Stand Included

Gfp 865DH 65" Dual Heat Laminator - (Install, Training & Stand Included) Professional Dual Heat Laminator for Mounting, Laminating, Encapsulating For finishing professionals who need versatility, quality, and economy in one machine, the Gfp 800 Series delivers. Turn out thermal encapsulation with…

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GFP 363TH, 63" Top Heat Laminator (Stand, Foot Switch & Rewind Included)

…roll-to-roll applications, and new Metal Alloy Tubular Heaters to reduce breakage. Features: * Top Heat Assist reduces silvering and provides better bond to the material * Swing up feed table makes it easy to load and web up the laminator * Hand wheel pressure adjustment provides infinite control…

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Color Theory Primary 10 Color Heat Transfer Vinyl Kit (10" x 12" Sheets)

Color Theory Primary 10 Color Heat Transfer Vinyl Kit (10" x 12" Sheets) Color Theory Primary Heat Transfer is PU (polyurethane) heat transfer vinyl for everyday use on a wide variety of common apparel decoration projects. This is a high-quality economical choice for volume users who want a…

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14" MH Craft Vinyl Cutter & 9" x 12" Heat Press Combo with VinylMaster Cut Software

…12" Heat Press Combo with VinylMaster Cut Software PLEASE NOTE: This vinyl cutter is not compatible with Mac. The USCutter MH-Series line of vinyl cutters is the best value and quality machine you're going to find anywhere on the market! The 14" model fits easily onto your desktop, craft table, or…

Geo Knight 20" x 25" Air Op Swing Away Heat Press DK25SP w/ Stand

…25" heat platen * Fully digital temperature control 32°-600°F range * Automatic digital timer & dual pre-press timer * Air regulator and gauge 20-110 PSI range * Total applied force of 3000 lbs max * 70 Programmable presets * Solid steel welded framework * Interchangeable tables *…

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Geo Knight 14" x 16" DC16 Digital Combo Press with Optional Attachments

…too bulky for the conventional flat press is effortlessly printed on the Digital Combo Press. Its raised pedestal bottom table using the 14" x 16" standard flat heat platens available provides drape space, adjustable alignment and base interchangeability for even the most demanding of applications.…

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Prime Tacky Sublimation Transfer Paper Full Release, 44" - 64" x 394'

…44" - 64" x 394' Prime Sublimation Full Release Tacky Transfer Paper 105g. Compatible with most polyester fabrics used in the production of flags, banners, gaming table felt, home decor, athletic apparel and other applications. Use tacky sublimation paper when precise registration is required.

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