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ORACAL 383 Ultraleaf Cast Vinyl, Gold or Chrome

ORACAL 383 Ultraleaf Cast Vinyl, Gold or Chrome This durable, 3.5 mil, 5-year cast film is a cost-effective alternative to 24-carat gold or silver leaf film. ORACAL 383 features a smooth, printable surface and a three-dimensional visual texture. The durable dimensional stability of this film makes…


Gold Diamond Plate Mini Metallic Film 013, 24" by 10yd

Griff Decorative Films PRIME SERIES 24" by 10yd Metallic Film-013 Gold Diamond Plate Mini Light catches the edges of this sharp, feather-like pattern as it juts out of its reflective background. When the two points meld into the circular base, the resulting hologram creates an illusion of depth.…

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