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My Vinyl Designer Trees and Graphics Vector Art Images Package on USB

…Art Images Package on USB This is a truly AWESOME collection of vector art for home decor vinyl and wall art designs! You will love the trees, flowers, dandelions, leaves, branches, coffee, tea, nature silhouettes, owls, chandeliers and MUCH more. This vector clip art bundle is LOADED with graphics…

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Rosin Filter Bags, 2" x 4" 10 Pack (Various Weights)

…bags are available in a selection of micron sizes from 30 to 160 microns, depending on the type of material being processed. Recommmeded Size Filter Bag: * 30 micron – sifted fine powder * 90 micron – flower [most versatile micron size] * 120 micron – drier flower / moist trim * 160 micron – trim

Demo/ Refurbished Juno 5x5 Portable Manual Rosin Press

…yield of fragrance concentrates (terpenes from the small outgrowths called trichromes that exist on the plant – particularly on the leaves and flowers) using intense pressure and your specified heat settings, to harvest the purest possible end product. This Juno press’s 800 pounds of pressure, and…

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Reviews for USCutter
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