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Anti-Static Kit for Vinyl Cutters

…Anti-Static Kit for Vinyl Cutters comes in two sizes and includes 2 magnets and section of special ionizing cord which spans the width of your vinyl cutter. The specialized cord, which has tiny conductive micro-fibers infused, is designed to pull away problematic static electricity from materials…

Laminators Tool Kit Essentials

Laminators Tool Kit Essentials Laminator essentials for eliminating static electricity and build up, plus GraphicsGloves for media handling while loading and unloading your print media into a printer or laminator. GraphicsGloves eliminate oils and hand prints from being picked up on the image or…

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Graphtec Anti-Static AKZ Kit for FC and CE Models

Graphtec Anti-Static AKZ Kit for FC and CE Models The AKZ Kit includes two tint blades plus two magnets and anti-static string which reduces the static electricity that is so common with tint films that can restrict media movement.

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Graphtec FCX 2000 Series Flatbed Cutting Plotters w/ ARMS 6.0

…of all skill levels to process various types of media for cutting. New Included Features: * Vacuum Suction: Holds media with the use of external electric vacuum pump. This is the preferred method for heavier and thicker media. * Redesigned Cutting Table (from FC2250 Series): Has increased hold-down…

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