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Hotronix Dual Air Fusion IQ 16" x 20" Heat Press

…x 20" Dual Quick Change Platens * 220 volt only * Auto-Adjust Pressure™ automatically adjusts to the thickness of the item being printed * Full Threadability™ on the lower platen: position the garment, rotate, and decorate any area * Dual platens allow a heat-free workspace on one platen while the…

Refurbished 16" x 20" Secabo TC7 Smart Dual Station Heat Press with Bluetooth, and Quick Change Base Plates

…workflows for apparel with sleeves, pockets, etc., as well as configuring as a dual station for simultaneous garment prepping and pressing! * Included lower accessory platens for your workflow requirements: dual station, pressing sleeves, pockets, etc. More Smart Features: * Bluetooth Connectivity…

Geo. Knight DC16 - Twin Shuttle Dual Table Attachment DC-Twin

…a dual station Add-On for the DC16 or DC16AP swing away heat press. Press not included. Everyone knows that long term costs are not in the press equipment but in Labor Costs. Adding a twin shuttle removes wasted operator time waiting for a pressing cycle to finish. It also negates heat platen idle…

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2X Clamshell Heat Press - 15" x 15" Package Deal for Higher Production

…are needed for layering. * Individual timers for transfers requiring different press time. * Two people can work at once. * Less expensive than dual platen models and allow for more space between units for safety. * Give one as a gift to an entrepreneur, business partner or crafter. This 15" x 15"…

Geo. Knight DK20/ DK20S Attachment

…Shuttle Attachment Optional Twin Shuttle Attachment for DK20|DK20S heat presses. Press not included. The Digital Knight Twin Shuttle Upgrade is a dual station Add-On for the DK20 or DK20S swing away heat press (with user modification to DK20 clamshell frame). Everyone knows that long term costs are…

Geo Knight 14" x 16" DC16 Digital Combo Press with Optional Attachments

…above. Features * Fully digital temperature control 32°-600°F range * Automatic digital timer & dual pre-press timer * Digital Pressure Bar Graph * Interchangeable Heat Platens & Tables * Solid steel welded framework * SuperCoil-Microwinding™ heater technology * Accommodates…

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Silhouette Cameo 4 With Heat Press Kit

…hobbyists, and home-based entrepreneurs * 9" x 12" platen * Lightweight—only 35 lbs * Over-the-Center Pressure Adjustment for even, edge-to-edge heat and pressure * Digital time and temperature readout * Non-stick coated heating platen * 120V AC/6.5A * Color Theory Primary PU 10 Sheet Starter…

Hotronix Fusion IQ 16" x 20" Heat Press

…with Touch Screen Technology and the only heat press in the industry with a patented dual function to perform in a swinger or draw motion. The Fusion also features a wide open space below the bottom heat platen, allowing shirts to easily slide onto the heat press creating an easier and more precise…

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Refurbished 16 x 20 Auto-opening Clamshell Heat Press

…is a special 5”x14” platen for shoes; as well as a 12”x14” platen size. All the provided platens are fully threadable and interchangeable without tools. * Sleeve Platen (5"x5") * Shoe Platen (5"x14") * Pant Leg Platen (7"x15") * 12"x14" Platen * 5"x18" Platen Also Available in a 16"x 20" Dual Platen

Hotronix Interchangeable Platens

…up to four caps at once with heat transfer material designs, screen printed transfers, rhinestones, and more. Platen measures 15" x 15" x 4" and fits Hotronix® Fusion, Air Fusion™, and Dual Air Fusion™ heat presses, as well as Hover, Auto Clam, and MAXX® Clam presses with a born-on date of 2014 or…

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Secabo Smart Press Dual Quick Change Slider Extension for TC5 or TC7 Heat Press

…Press Dual Quick Change Slider Extension for TC5 or TC7 Heat Press Slide Extension for TC5 or TC7 Model Heat Presses Slide Extension includes one adapter for the standard 15"x"15" or 16" x 20" platens. There are 6 Quick Change mounting points for a combination of interchangeable accessory platens.

Geo Knight 931 Triton Large Format Heat Press Series

…along the entire length of the heat platen for the most even heat possible over the entire heat platen surface. Features: * Digital Integrated Temperature & Time control * Available in 240V 3-Phase or 480V 3-Phase Power * Available in Single shuttle or Dual loading table format * Multi Air Bag…

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