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Sawgrass Virtuoso SG1000 Printer w/ Siser EasySubli Inks

…full-color designs using your sublimation printer. EasySubli can be fed directly through a sublimation printer, which eliminates the need for transfer papers. After printing, it is recommended that you allow the inks to dry for 2 hours before masking, or you can lay your design underneath an open…

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ORACAL 951 Premium Cast Vinyl 15" By The Foot Select Colors (Punched)

…application tape is Oratape HT55. 'Punched' simply means that the material has holes down the sides of the vinyl similar to those of old printer paper. They are necessary for a sprocket feed system that some vinyl cutters require (none of the models USCutter sells). The punched holes take up…

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The Cut Media Educational Kit w/ 28" TITAN 2 - Servo Vinyl Cutter

…3 Rolls of 100 ft GreenStar Classic Transfer Tape (6", 12", 24") Designed with the professional sign shop in mind, at a price that an entry-level user can appreciate! This product is an easy to handle paper application tape, comparable to leading transfer tape brands. It tears easily, and has…

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