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SnapCut Knife With Ratchet Lock

…to work with a dull blade again! Simply snap off the section you are working with to reveal a brand-new, sharp edge. The convenient ratchet lock makes it very easy to extend or retract the blade. The SnapCut is the perfect tool for cutting paper, cardboard, roofing, drywall, vinyl, acetates, etc.

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ORACAL 951 Premium Cast Vinyl 24" By The Yard Continuous

…width custom cut program. ORACAL's highest performing, premium cast vinyl film has been specially designed to produce permanent high quality graphics for use in nearly any commercial or industrial situation, including highly conformable vehicle graphics. ORACAL 951 offers easy cutting and weeding…

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ORACAL 951 Premium Cast Vinyl 24" By The Foot Continuous

…offers easy cutting and weeding properties as well as minimal shrinkage for permanent, durable, dimensionally stable graphics that can withstand severe weather and handling conditions. Thermal print compatible. Available in 103 ultra-glossy colors plus metallic by the yard. Please Note: Cut orders,…

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Yellotools YelloCut EasyFlip Retractable Mini Cutter

Yellotools YelloCut EasyFlip Retractable Mini Cutter Yellotools puts an ingenious spin on the everyday sign tool! Safety first! The YelloCut EasyFlip blade on this precise mini-cutter (0.08" Blade) flips into the handle on demand. Also, the rubberized grip provides a secure hold while cutting.

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Greenie Cutting Mat, Double Sided Self Healing Cutting Mat

…for easy and accurate cutting. Features * Protects desks, table top and other work areas from knifes, blades, and other craft & art tools. * Double sided self healing mat. * No glare matte finish. * Excellent for cutting and weeding vinyl. * Printed grid lines for accurate cuts. * Available Sizes: *…


USCutter Rapid Weeding Kit

…Blades * USCutter Dental Pick Weeding Tool * USCutter Pointed Needle Nose Tweezer for Easy Weeding * USCutter Double-Sided Squeegee w/ Felt Edge * USCutter Magnifying Glass with Light for Easy Weeding * Tape Measurer * Snap Cut Knife * Deluxe Carry Case * * Please Note: Color of carry case may vary.

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USCutter MH Series Vinyl Cutter w/ VinylMaster Cut Software

…time savings!) Included Software: VINYLMASTER CUT for PC ($59.99 value) VinylMaster Cut Software (for PC users) VinylMaster Cut (Basic Edition) is dedicated vinyl cutting software designed specifically for making vinyl signage. VinylMaster Cut allows you to produce a wide range of vinyl lettering,…

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CWT Linear Cutter, 3' 3" to 10' 8" Available Lengths

…operation pull or push down the length of your material. Remote control extension rod for long cuts on any flat surface, including the floor. Lightweight. 4 different length extrusions available for cuts up to 10 feet 8 inches; weight between 8.3-11 lbs. Uses: * Vinyl * Fabric * Carpet * PVC *…

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Vinyl Cutter Carrier Sheet Cutting Mat (A1, A3 or A4)

…x 35 3/8” (600mm x 900mm) Inner Dimensions (sticky area) * Small 7 1/2" x 11 3/4" * Medium 11" x 16 1/2" * Large 22" x 33" Always keep your cutting mat as clean as possible. **Do not mistake this mat for a rubber cutting mat for your cutting table. This cutting mat goes through your vinyl cutter.

VinylMaster Cut - Design & Contour Cut Software

…software wizard. VinylMaster Cut is equipped to provide precise contour cutting whether your machine works with LAPOS (Laser Positioning Sensor) for manual contour cutting or ARMS (Automatic Registration Mark Sensor) for automatic contour cutting. Contour cutting, cutting the outline around a…

ORACAL Cutzit Key Chain Cutting Blade

ORACAL Cutzit Key Chain Cutting Blade ORACAL Cutzit key chains with cutting blade. This handy cutting knife is excellent for many jobs from trimming vinyl to opening packages. Sold Individually.

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USCutter 2-in-1 Wood Burnisher

USCutter 2 in 1 Wood Burnisher - With Needle Point This tool is a double-ended, wooden burnisher. It features an angled tip on one end and a needle point on the other. This unique tool aids in applying vinyl in corners and around curves. The needle end is perfect for popping trapped air bubbles.…

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