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ORAFOL 15" Oracal Plotter Sample Material Kit

…specialty films for frosted, etched and dusted glass looks. In addition to sample materials (random color samples), this sample kit includes the proper application tape, tools and an Oracal color guide with all the color swatches for Oracal's Plotter Series films. Includes: * * 2 Rolls of Oracal…

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ORACAL 651 Intermediate Vinyl Color Fan

…and a choice of 59 high-gloss colors plus matte white and black. This high-quality film is a good choice for moderately complex jobs that don't require the extra conformability provided by ORACAL's cast films. Classification: Fan, Color chart, Color Guide, Sample Chart, Booklet USCutter offers…

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ORACAL Color Guide

ORACAL Color Guide Oracal's comprehensive color guide containing color samples and specs. This is a great tool for helping your customers decide exactly which color they are looking for. This booklet includes actual colored vinyl samples labeled by name and color code for easy identification and…


Siser Heat Transfer Materials Color Guide

…your customers true-to-life color choices, a feel for the textures, and an accurate sense of the special effects offered by Siser’s popular products. Classification: Color chart, Color Guide, Sample Chart, Booklet. Get Siser's latest instructions, specifications, colors swatches, tutorials and more…


GreenStar Outdoor Vinyl Color Guide Booklet - 100% Discount on First 2 Copies!

color samples as well as physical and chemical properties of the vinyls available. New Blue Liner Weeding white vinyl is easier now thanks to the New blue liner of the GreenStar Intermediate Calendered Vinyl. Add this free booklet to your next order! Classification: Color chart, Color Guide, Sample

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ORACAL Series 631 Exhibition Cal Swatch Fan

…tradeshows, displays, museums and exhibitions. ORACAL Series 631 Exhibition Cal Swatch with all 63 colors. Improved! Now with actual ORACAL 631 material samples. Classification: Color chart, Color Guide, Sample Chart, Booklet Note: Please read Practical Information found on our Support & Downloads…

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GreenStar 6-Color Outdoor Vinyl 24-Sheet Packs, 12" x 12", 3mil

…USA. These 6-color sample packs include 24 square-foot sheets (4/ea color) in the following 5 color-coordinated combinations. * Monochrome Color Bundle includes: * GS010 White * GS070 Black * GSM010 Matte White * GSM070 Matte Black * GS074 Middle Gray * GS000 Clear * Cool Color Bundle includes: *…

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SISER Pizza Box - Heat Transfer Vinyl Sample Book

SISER Pizza Box - Heat Transfer Vinyl Sample Book The Siser Pizza Box lets your customers take a tour through Siser’s complete product line of popular heat transfer materials with their fingers. Inside the attractive case for complete portability to trade shows and product demos are slices of…

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Oracal Color Shift Effect 970RA Premium Wrapping Cast Sample Swatch

Oracal Shift Effect 970RA Premium Wrapping Cast Sample Swatch This is a very handy tool to have on hand to show customers or preview the actual colors. This vinyl offers long-term removability from painted surfaces and does not require an overlaminate.

VinylMaster Subscription Options Starting At $9.95 per Month - $1.00 First Month Offer

…jobs to the queue and sort by color: only the parts of the design in the specified color will be cut, allowing you to complete multiple multi-layered multi-color workflows without switching between rolls of different colored vinyl. Cutter sorting images by color. Running through to spooler.…

Ultimate Sports MEGA PACK

color printed catalog Packaging: Original factory retail package (shrink wrap sealed) 2. Bonus: When you buy this package you get the Clipart deSIGN™ bonus disc with 442 FREE vinyl ready designs in many categories and styles! Enjoy! 3. Black and White Vinyl-Ready Samples: 4. Categories and Color

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Color Theory 10" x 12" 6 Sheet Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl Sample Kit

Color Theory 6 Sheet Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl Sample Kit (10" x 12" Sheets) It's time to stand up and cheer. Color Theory Glitter is for shirts that pop, and spiritwear that sparkles. Included in this 6 color sampler are individual 10"x12" sheets of Glitter: Silver, Gold, Grass Green, Red, Hot…

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