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Stand & Catch Basket for TITAN Vinyl Cutters

Stand & Catch Basket for TITAN Vinyl Cutters Original replacement stand for TITAN vinyl cutters. Fits TITAN, TITAN 2 & TITAN-3 vinyl cutters. Available for 28" and 53" models. Contains: * 2 Legs * 2 feet * Catch Basket * 2 Roller Brackets * 1 Cross Beam * 2 Roller bars * Hardware for assembly

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Catch Basket for Graphtec CE-6000 Series Vinyl cutters-Assorted Sizes

Catch Basket for Graphtec CE-6000 Series Vinyl Cutters - assorted sizes Catch Basket for Graphtec CE-6000 Series Vinyl Cutters - assorted sizes

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Mimaki Sheet Basket for CG-SRIII

Mimaki Sheet Basket for CG-SRIII Sheet basket option for Mimaki CG-SRIII series cutters. Models * CG-60SRIII: P/N OPT-CO234 * CG-100SRIII: P/N OPT-CO232 * CG-130SRIII: P/N OPT-CO233 NOTE: stand is not included with CG-60SRIII

Mimaki CG-FXII Vinyl Cutter Series

…set standard). * A special adapter to use commercially available pens and USB interface are included. * Several Specialty Blade options and catch basket are available for the CG-FX-II. Half Cut Function With the original half cut function, the backing sheet can be cut leaving a little bit of half…

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Graphtec FC8600-075 30" or 130 54" Vinyl Cutter

…ARMS system adjusts for several types of potential print distortions, allowing for accurate contour cutting of pre-printed images and decals. Each unit includes standard media roll rack, floor stands and dual media catch basket for dust-free, continuous long length and/or repetitive job operations.

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HP Latex Print & Cut Solution - HP 115 54in Printer and 54in HP Latex Edition Vinyl Cutter

…don’t shrink or curl; reach indoor spaces solvent can’t. * Enjoy accurate high-speed cutting and cut throughs; LAN connectivity and HP media basket add convenience * Optimized workflow management from a single point—includes unique software with barcode integration * Avoid solvent wait time—prints…

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Refurbished 28" LaserPoint 3 Vinyl Cutter w/ VinylMaster Cut Software

…more accurate, with grippier grit-rollers that feed media straight as an arrow for long cutting jobs, into a completely free included media catch basket to protect your job while it’s cutting unattended! At $599, this is the lowest price in the market for a machine with these advanced capabilities!…

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Mimaki Sheet Basket for CG-FXII

Mimaki Sheet Basket for CG-FXII Sheet basket option for Mimaki CG-SRIII series cutters. Models * CG-130FXII: P/N OPT-C0182 * CG-160FXII: P/N OPT-C0186 NOTE: stand is not included.

Graphtec FC9000 Series Vinyl Cutter

…FC8600. * New USB Datalink where you can run the FC9000 from a USB thumb drive. * New grit roller configuration for longer tracking. * New stand and basket configuration. * New 8.0 ARMS for print and cut. * New barcode feature for print and cut. * New optional take-up reel for the FC9000-140 and 160…

Roland CAMM-1 GR Series Vinyl Cutter, 54" and 64" Models

…to perf-cutting * Integrated media holder supports media rolls up to 88.5 lbs (40 kg) * Includes storage trays, handles and basket levers with convenient media basket * Groove for perforated cutting – extends life of blade and cutter protection strips * 10-step variable pressure on furthest…

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Gfp 563TH-3 63" Laminator Top Heat w/ Swing Shafts

…(optional) * Removable in-feed pressure roller * Metal Alloy Heater * Variable roller gap to 1" * Photoelectric eye for safety * Front unwind basket * 3” Aluminum Quick-Grip shafts * Machine stand with casters * 38” table height output * 120 volt service * cTUVus Safety approved * Full one year…

Refurbished 53" Titan 3 SE ARMS Contour Cut Vinyl Cutting Plotter & VinylMaster Cut Software, Special Edition

…useable display with illuminated LCD-backdrop and large buttons. Stable stand with roll holder and basket The included stand features a roll holder, media feed mechanism, and material catch basket for smooth tracking and winding. Automatic Media Detection Your Titan3 SE cutter can be set to…

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