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Anti-Static Kit for Vinyl Cutters

Kit for Vinyl Cutters The Anti-Static Kit for Vinyl Cutters comes in two sizes and includes 2 magnets and section of special ionizing cord which spans the width of your vinyl cutter. The specialized cord, which has tiny conductive micro-fibers infused, is designed to pull away problematic static

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Graphtec AKZ Kit (all models FC8000)

Graphtec AKZ Kit (all models FC8000) The AKZ Kit includes extended media brackets and anti-static string for front and rear which reduces the static electricity that is so common with tint films that can restrict media movement.

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Graphtec CE6000-60P Plotter w/ Oracal 751 6 Colors & Weeding Kit

…ship your full order on time. USCutter Rapid Weeding Kit This high-quality weeding tool kit contains a range of useful tools for weeding and vinyl installation. The kit comes in a convenient and durable zippered case for easy transport. This kit includes: * USCutter Hobby Knife w/ 6 Included Blades…

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