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USCutter MH Vinyl Cutter Starter Kit w/Media + Tools (28"/34"/50")

…Vinyl, Paper, Craft Paper, Card Stock, Paint Mask * Blade Types: Standard blade Roland compatible * Included Software: VinylMaster Cut * Included Accessories: USB Cable, Power Cable, Blade Holder * Connectivity options: Serial, and USB. * 1 Year Warranty. VinylMaster Cut - Design & Cut Software…

Pearl White Self Healing Cutting Mat, 8.7" x 12" to 36" x 48" Sizes

Pearl White Self Healing Cutting Mat, 8.7" x 12" - 36" x 48" Sizes Measure twice and cut once. Easy enough with the grid pattern on this self-healing cutting mat! This is the best value on the market for double sided, reversible, 3 mm thick cutting mats. A variety of sizes are available to fit your…

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Tee Square It! - Transfer Alignment Tool

Tee Square It - Transfer Alignment Tool The Tee Square It Transfer Alignment tool helps you align and center your heat transfers quickly and accurately. Although placing transfers on t-shirts may seem simple enough, alignment mistakes can be costly. The Tee Square is easy to use and assemble with…


Siser Weeder Pick Tool

Siser Weeder Pick Tool The Siser Weeder tool makes weeding heat transfer vinyl faster and easier. The stainless steel tip will not bend or break when weeding designs and can be sharpened if necessary. Recommended for use with all Siser cuttable heat transfer vinyl and printable heat transfer vinyl…

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Standoff, 18 x 30mm - Pkg. of 4

Standoff, 18 x 30mm - Pkg. of 4 A stand-off is a piece of decorative hardware designed to hold a signs, architectural panels, glass panels, banners, photographs, artwork and other materials a predetermined distance away from the surface upon which they are mounted. They can work vertically,…

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Hotronix Heat Printing Equipment Cart

Hotronix Heat Printing Equipment Cart Adjustable, portable cart for a heat press, vinyl cutter, laser cutter, or DTG. It can also double as an extra layout table. Features: * Heavy duty steel cart. * Crank raises the cart to a maximum height of 35" or lower to 17". * Comes fully assembled. * Holds…

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Aluminum Big Squeegee Laminator Tool Accessories

Aluminum Big Squeegee Laminator Tool Accessories The aluminum Big Squeegee Laminator Tool has many more amenities that are not available in the plastic version. It has mounting rails to attach a roll holder to keep the roll on the tool, handle hardware, and many other attachment options such as a…

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UniNet iColor TransferRIP Dongle and Software

UniNet iColor TransferRIP Dongle and Software Why use the iColor® TransferRIP? Use the iColor® TransferRIP software to print white as an underprint or overprint in one pass. Designed for every day, short to mid run use, the iColor® TransferRIP software allows the user to control the spot white…

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UniNet iColor SmartCUT Software Dongle

UniNet iColor SmartCUT Software Dongle Why use iColor® SmartCUT? Easily print oversized images on letter/A4 sized printers with UniNet's optional iColor® SmartCUT software. SmartCUT is a cross platform, user centric tool that is a key component to expanding the size constraints of popular print…

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Secabo Smart Press Interchangeable Base Plates (Sold Individually)

…Options: Accessory Platens: (Sold Individually) * 15cm x 15cm Accessory Platen (5.9" x 5.9") * 8cm x 12cm Accessory Platen (3.14" x 4.72") * 12cm x 38cm Accessory Platen (4.72" x 14.96") * 20cm x 30cm Accessory Platen (7.87" x 11.8") Mounting Option - Additional Part and Accessories: Slide Extension…

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Secabo Smart Press Dual Quick Change Slider Extension for TC5 or TC7 Heat Press

…one adapter for the standard 15"x"15" or 16" x 20" platens. There are 6 Quick Change mounting points for a combination of interchangeable accessory platens. To install an additional 15" x 15" or 16" x 20" platen to the Slide Extension, one additional Quick Change Adapter is required. Specifications:…

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Secabo Smart Press Quick Change System for TC5 or TC7 Heat Press

…and easily without tools change from the standard 15" x 15" Platen (TC5 model) or 16" x 20" Platen (TC7 model) to any of the interchangeable accessory platens (sold separately). Included Quick-Change Adapter Plate for TC5, TC7 Standard Platens The Quick Change System and Slide Extension include…

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Reviews for USCutter
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